Wine List

House White Wine

by the glass or bottle
175ml glass £3.70   250ml glass £4.90

  1. Peregrino Sauvignon Blanc - Chile £13.95
    Crisp and fresh with refreshing fruit flavours and citrus notes.
  2. Euca Hill Chardonnay - Australia £13.95
    Tropical notes on the tongue, ripe and smooth with smoked overtones.
  3. Pinot Grigio £13.95
    Crisp and youthful, offers savoury characteristics.

Our International
Selection of White Wines

Bottle Only

  1. Cape Marlin - Chenin Blanc - South Africa £15.25
    Fruit Salad aromas with a zesty crispness, full of juicy fruit from the Western Cape.
  2. Neptune Point Sauvignon Blanc - New Zealand £16.25
    Lovely fruity and aromatic wine with notes of citrus and gooseberry with a subtle vanilla touch.
  3. Paul Delane Chablis - France £21.25
    Full with a good body of white burgundy with a steely mineral character, one to be savoured.

House Red Wines

by the glass or bottle
175ml glass £3.70   250ml glass £4.90

  1. Volandas Merlot - Chile £13.95
    Soft, well rounded and velvety with gentle spice flavours and fine grained tannins giving the wine great texture and balance.
  2. Euca Hill Shiraz - Australia £13.95
    Deep ruby in colour, aroma of fruits and spices, rich balanced and supple on the mouth.
  3. Volandas Cabernet Sauvignon - Chile &pund;13.95
    Bright garnet coloured wine, with hints of chocolate, plums and vanilla, soft with medium body.

Our International
Selection of Red Wines

Bottle Only
  1. Kleindal Ruby Cabernet - South Africa £15.25
    Full-bodied yet soft fruity wine, dominated by berry fruits.
  2. San Giorgio Montepulciano D'A bruzzo - Italy £16.25,br> Dark, opaque in colour with a lovely body of berry fruits and underlying hints of chocolate.
  3. Mountbridge Reserve Shiraz - Australia £16.75
    Pepper n spice with lifted plum aromas, generous flavours of Cassis and rich fruit with an integrated toasty oak.
  4. El Coto Rioja Crianze - Spain £18.75
    Soft succulent raspberry fruit and subtle spicy flavours aged in American oak adds creamy vanilla characteristics to this sensuous wine.
  5. Neptune Point Pinot Noir - New Zealand £20.00
    This keystone region produces this excellent smooth and perfectly balanced wine with notes of Plum and Black Cherry.

Rose Wines

by the glass or bottle
175ml glass £4.00   250ml glass £5.25

  1. 770 Mile - Zinfandel Blush - California £15.50
    A delicious soft fruity rose wine with hints of strawberries and raspberries.
175ml glass £4.20   250ml glass £5.60

  1. Pinot Grigio Rose Ca Lunghetta - Italy £16.50
    Gentle coral pink, a crisp dry flavour with hints of berry fruit.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine

  1. Champagne Nua Presecco £15.50
    Elegant, crisp, fruity bouquet with a typical aroma. Mellow, distinctive and harmonious on the pallet.
  2. Mountbridge sparkling Brut - Australia £18.50
  3. Juless Feraud NV £34.00
    A well-rounded mature Champagne London Challenge winner.
  4. Champagne Veuve Clicquot £49.50
    Always a very good quality Grand Marque Champagne
All wines and vintages are subject to availability. All our wines have an alcohol content of between 8% and 15% by volume.
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